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Sustainability for the Common Man, Woman, & Beast  
Adventures in Urban Sustainability
Taking On Sustainability One Backyard at a Time . . .

Welcome. I'm Virginio and this is Virginio's Backyard, a site devoted to my adventures in urban sustainability-showing that even a regular guy or gal can make changes right in their own backyard. After years of driving my girlfriend crazy dragging her around to workshops, I've finally starting to offer my own series of workshops with some talented friends of mine. This website as well serves as a resource to share with you some of my own projects, like my veggie car conversions. More . . .

  Virginio's Car

Overall, my urban sustainability project is a work in progress. You won't find the fridge stocked with organic, fair trade rutabagas. We're taking this step by step. We also won't talk of doomsday on this site. This is pragmatism at work. Good 'ol American ingenuity. If the sky really is falling or the world economy does tank, at least let’s see what we can do in the meanwhile and try to have some fun in the process.

I’m not a communist, I’m not a right-wing nut job. I’m just a regular guy. Renewable energy is not just a hippie thing anymore. If you still believe that, then you need to meet me. (Incidentally, if you are a communist or right-wing nut job, you are equally as welcome at my workshops as anyone else.)

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